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Our fun and engaging workshops are designed to focus on one or two key points to work on with your training.  Whether it is perfecting loose leash walking, building amazing recalls or even just working on some fancy new tricks, we are sure our workshops will be exactly what you are looking for!  

Upcoming Workshops

Puppy Play Sessions

For puppies under 6 mths of age

This 30 min workshop is for our puppies who have attended or are currently completing our SUPERCHARGED puppies course!  

Our COVID pups have had such a hard time being able to appropriately socialise and learn how to play with other puppies!  Come along to our puppy social play sessions to allow your puppy the opportunity to interact with other, similar aged puppies.  Our sessions will be run by our experienced trainers, ready to step in and ensure that every pup has a wonderful time. 


$12/ Session

Manners for Adolescents..

For Puppies 6 - 12 mths of age

Has your puppy grown up during our COVID lifestyle?  Have you struggled to get into ANY form of training?  

Our Manners for Adolescents has your puppy in mind!  This workshop is set out to instil some GREAT manners into your pup as they learn to combat our 'new norma' - visitors over, your changing work schedule and interacting with other dogs in public.  

We will tackle all of the common problems in our 45 minute class.  Come to one, come to all.  This workshop is perfect for those puppies needing a little bit of everything!


$30/ Session

Beginners Dog Training!

For dogs over 12 mths of age

Are you busting to setback into some formal classes?  Did you adopt a new canine companion during the COVID lockdown?  This adult obedience workshop will be the perfect class to start you and your canine off on the right paw. 

Whether you want some Loose Leash Walking tips, household manners or just get back into a training rhythm, this workshop will be jam packed full of exercises to have you and your pooch ready for Christmas family gatherings!


$30/ Session


Racy Recalls

4 weeks of training fun!

This is a fabulous class for helping improve those off leash RECALLS! 

Do you want your dog to come back to you FIRST time, every time you call? 

This 4 part workshop includes both FACE TO FACE and ONLINE content to help you practice and solidify your training. 

These classes run on the following dates: 

Sunday 18th April 

Sunday 2nd May 

Sunday 16th May 

Sunday 23rd May

Classes run from 9:15am - 10:15am 

Limited spaces!  To book, click on the 'book now' button to be taken to our booking page.  Confirmation details will be sent to finalise your booking. 



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Beginners Tricks

8 weeks of training fun!

This is a combination of our FACE TO FACE Classes and ONLINE materials.  Offering 4 x 75 minute group classes and 4 x online modules for working in between sessions. 

This course is not just about teaching your dogs some amazing tricks (though there is plenty of that!), but also teaching YOU how to get the best performance out of your dog.  Interested in your dog being a wonder dog?  Or maybe the next movie or film star?  This course will be sure to teach you something new!

Dates for Face to Face classes are:

Class 1 - 17th April 

Class 2 - 1st May

Class 3 - 15th May 

Class 4 - 29th May 

Classes run from 10:45am - 12:00pm




Loose Leash Walking

Sunday 18th April 

Wanting to improve your dogs walking.  the lead?  Looking forward to enjoying walks with your dog again? 

Our 45 minute workshop is perfect to get your walking back on track!  

This class is running on 

Sunday 18th April 

11:30am - 12:15pm 

To book - Click on the 'book now' button to be taken to our booking page. Confirmation details will be sent to finalise your booking



Previous Workshops

Beginning Competition Obedience

January 2020


This workshop is designed to begin your training skills towards performance and competition obedience - both RALLY and OBEDIENCE. 

You don't need to have any prior experience with competition, however we expect your dog to know the basics (sit/ drop etc). 


From there we will focus on creating the building blocks for: 

  • Enthusiastic Heelwork

  • Games and Focus building

  • Beginning Stays

  • CCD & Novice exercises

  • Rally Novice exercises


Our speaker, Amanda, from Pawsitively Great Pets has a passion for obedience and this class will be tailored to the dogs and their skill level.  Amanda loves to work towards building a fun and engaging teamwork with dog and handler.   Whether you are interested in competing or just want to have some fun with your pooch, this class will be perfect for you. 


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Crates Are Great & Racy Recalls

December 2019

Our next available workshop will happen in the first quarter of 2020

Our fun filled Crates and Recall workshop IS BACK!

Focused at building value for your dogs crate, understanding the benefits of crate training and how it can be used to build motivation and FUN during training!

Our Racy Recalls is build on improving the speed and DESIRE for a fun and enthusiastic recall that will be the envy for all at the dog park!  Learn your to recall your dog off even the most distracting environments!

This workshop is PERFECT for anyone wanting to attend our workshops and seminars.  


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Enrichment Workshop

December 2019

This was our very exciting and FUN information workshop based on teaching different ways we can work with and engage our own dogs, stimulating their brain activity!

We will be running this workshop again in the first half of 2020.


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Lifestyle Hour


Sunday 23rd February 2020

10:45am - 11:45am

This 4 week workshop is all about building your dog to be your perfect companion!  Whether puppy or adult, there is so much that we need to expose our dogs to, in order to make them wonderful members of society. 

Come and join us for our LIFESTYLE HOUR workshop where we focus each week on a different 'life skill'.

  • Going to a Cafe with your dog

 How  to create that calm, chilled dog that quietly rests beside you.

  • Going to the Groomer

Having the dog that is comfortable and relaxed with all aspects of grooming

  • Coping with Vet Visits

Creating an understanding of what is expected and how to remain relaxed at the veterinary clinic

  • Setting up for a Photoshoot

Coping with the different requests and 'sets' for a photoshoot and how to get that 'perfect' shot!

Julija, our instructor for this workshop has always raised well mannered, 'bombproof' dogs that not only have been wonderful pets, but often have been TV stars as well!  Get an insight of what Julija focuses on when training and working with her dogs to ensure they have the perfect exposure to these experiences

This workshop is open to any dog over the age of 16 weeks.

Your dog needs to have word/cue association with sit and drop/down exercises.

Dates for this class: 

23rd Feb 

1st March 

22nd March 

29th March


Start Line Stays


Sunday 23rd February 2020

9:00am - 10:30am

Would you like your dog to have amazing stays?

Would you love your dog to remain in position regardless of what's happening around them?!

Welcome to the Three D’s Workshop

  •  Duration

  •  Distance

  •  Distraction

This 4 week workshop is ideal for anyone wanting to do performance of any kind with their dog.
We will work on building each dog’s understanding and reliability of remaining in position for increased duration, for greater distance between you and your dog and with increasing levels of tempting distractions that cause dogs to break from position.
The training in this workshop will help to build your dog’s confidence and understanding of each skill.  Your connection and bond will further develop.
This workshop is open to any dog over the age of 16 weeks.

Your dog needs to have word/cue association with sit and drop/down exercises.
*We will be working on crate-training skills during this workshop.  Having a dog that is comfortable in a crate will be advantageous, but not essential.  You can bring your own crate.  K9 Connect also has crates available for the workshop.

Dates for this class: 

23rd Feb 

1st March 

22nd March 

29th March


Grooming Workshop

Coming Soon!

We are looking forward to present our Grooming Workshop again soon!  Stay Tuned for more information!


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